Can Your Roof Stand Up To Autumn’s Wicked Winds?

Don’t let wind uplift ruin your roof.

Autumn in Wisconsin is well-known for its blustery, crisp days. Although a nice refreshing breeze is a welcome change from the heat of summer, much wind can damage your roof.

Wind uplift is a very common occurrence among shingle roofs, but can also affect membrane and metal roofing systems if the roof edges aren’t tacked down properly. This is especially pertinent to older roofs, where the termination may be deteriorating. Strong winds creep under the roofing system and pull it right off the decking. Depending on the severity of the wind and the integrity of your roof, anything from one shingle to a whole sheet of membrane could be lost due to high winds.

Strong winds turn nature against your roof.

Additionally, strong winds pick up and carry things such as tree branches and debris. All of which can puncture or scrape the roofing system, leading to leaks.

Could high winds damage your roof?

Try to keep your yard clear of fallen tree branches that could be picked up by the wind. Have tree branches trimmed back, away from your roof, to prevent them from falling and damaging your roof system.

If you suspect your roof has aged to the point of being susceptible to wind uplift, let us inspect it. GLRC provides estimate inspections free of charge.

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