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Go Green For A Clean, Efficient Roof

Own A Large Building or Home? Stop Wasting Money And Energy Cooling It.

Intense summer heat and UV rays can cause harm not only to your roof, but to your pocketbook as well. Having an energy efficient roof system helps you cut down on cooling costs, whether you own a home or a large building. The right insulation, roof vents, and roofing material all affect how well your building handles the summer heat.

Many business and homeowners are saving money and helping the environment by choosing a “green” roofing material such as a white membrane. These systems are installed cleanly, and release little to no chemical elements into the environment. In addition, the white membranes reflect the sun’s rays, which helps to keep the surface temperature low and leads to reduced cooling costs.

Energy Efficiency Solutions With Great Lakes Roofing

If saving energy and money sounds good to you, give Great Lakes Roofing a call. Our experienced field representatives will come to your site for a free roof evaluation and help you determine the best course of action.

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Great Lakes Roofing Services: Safety Systems

The Great Lakes Roofing crew are experts on white membrane installation

Great Lakes Roofing Services: Safety Systems

Save on energy costs by converting existing roofs to white membrane