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Freezing Temperatures Damage Your Roof

Cracks and Leaks Worsen As Temperatures Drop

Very cold temperatures have an adverse effect on almost all roofing systems. Metal panels shrink & expand with fluctuating temperatures causing screws to come loose. Freezing water can push loose screws up even further, leading to leakage. Rubber membranes, which are adhered to each other with glue, can come unglued. Tar-based roofing systems such as a built-up roof and shingles can become brittle, causing cracking and leaks.

Our Professionals Keep You Safe From Leaks And Damage

Metal panels with loose screws can be repaired year-round. If you have an older tar or shingle roof, the existing cold-weather issues can be repaired. Tar roofs, though more susceptible to cold-weather related damage, are easily repaired during winter due to the nature of the materials used. If the damage is extensive, however, the roof may need to be replaced.

Large repairs on rubber roofs are very difficult in the wintertime because cold temperatures and moisture prevent the adhesive from sealing correctly. Other roofing systems, such as energy-efficient membranes, perform much better under cold temperatures. They can be installed and repaired any season of the year.

Have your roof inspected by an expert at Great Lakes Roofing to determine the risk for susceptibility to cold weather, and get it repaired before the temperature drops.

If your roof is in need of maintenance in preparation for or during the winter season, call the professionals at Great Lakes Roofing Corporation.

We have the training and safety equipment to get your job done safely and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Great Lakes Roofing at 800-871-5151.

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