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Is Your Roof Safe and Secure?

Did you know that the icicles hanging from your gutter are actually an indication of a problem with your roof, and can lead to roof and property damage? Icicles are generally caused by a leaking gutter or a dam, which happens when a clogged gutter does not allow water to drain properly. The water then spills over the side and freezes on its way down. Large, sharp icicles could slide off and hurt someone when they fall or do damage to property below.

In addition to creating icicles, ice damming can cause leaks. Because the ice dam does not allow water and melted snow to run off the roof, it forms a pool on the roof. Heat from a house prevents the water on the roof from freezing, and it can back up underneath the shingles, causing a leak. In the case of a metal roof, the heat of the building or sun can cause a thin layer of water underneath accumulated snow and ice. Metal roofs are very slippery when wet. Large, heavy sheets of ice can slide off the roof, which can cause severe injury or property damage.

Have A Professional Winter Proof Your Roof

Heat tape can be installed in gutters & downspouts, which prevents ice from forming,
building up and becoming an ice dam. In addition, you can invest in the installation of ice and snow-breaking roof units such as snow guards.

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Great Lakes Roofing Services: Safety Systems

Icicles can pose a safety risk and indicate ice damming

Great Lakes Roofing Services: Safety Systems

Anatomy of an ice dam on a roof

Great Lakes Roofing Services: Safety Systems

Heat tape can prevent ice damming