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Summer Sun Brings Leaking Roofs

Intense Heat

The temperature of your roof can fluctuate more than the temperature of the air surrounding it. The sun’s UV rays can cause the surface of a dark roof to reach upwards of 160 degrees during a hot summer day. When temperatures drop at night, the roof cools down, which can result in a difference of up to 100 degrees.

Materials expand when warm, and then contract when cooled down. This constant repetition of high and low temperature can take its toll on a vulnerable roofing system. The detrimental effects of this expansion and contraction are most often observed where the roofing system is fastened to a material that won’t move with it, such as edges and penetrations.

When the roofing system pulls away from these areas it causes gaps that expose the underlying material. Once water finds its way into these gaps, it can result in serious leaking problems for the facility owner.

Intense Heat Solution

Much like UV damage, this expansion and contraction happens most commonly on older roofs. Dark-colored roofs are also especially at risk because of their tendency to absorb and build up heat faster.

One solution to this problem is replacing your current roofing system with a more durable white membrane roofing system. This will eliminate frequent costly repairs, and is resistant to the effects of temperature fluctuation.

Another option is to have your roof repaired whenever this situation arises. Luckily the effects of expansion and contraction are mostly fixable, and—with the right repair materials—the process can be slowed. If you suspect your roof is succumbing to the effects of intense summer heat, call Great Lakes Roofing; our knowledgeable field reps and repair techs will help find the solution.

If your roof is in need of maintenance during or in preparation for summer, call the professionals at Great Lakes Roofing Corporation. We have the training and safety equipment to get your job done safely and efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Great Lakes Roofing at 800-871-5151. We’ll get your roof taken care of before the intense summer heat begins.

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