Blankets of beautiful autumn leaves don’t belong on your roof.

We’re less likely to write poetry about the changing of the seasons when it costs us thousands of dollars in roof repairs.

While the leaves are beautiful, they can become a nuisance when it comes to roof maintenance. Fallen leaves accumulating on your roof clog your gutters & downspouts, as well as drainage and rain-carrying systems.

Leaves cause clogged drains and lead to ice damming

Leaf build up results in ponding water and leaks, clogged drains and downspouts, and can lead to ice damming in winter. The by-product of deteriorating leaves can pull the oil from asphalt roofing systems such as shingles & modified roofs; it can pull plasticizers out of some membrane systems, and carbon from EPDM, as well. This causes the systems to weaken and can lead to cracking or shrinking, which can result in leaks.

Monitor leaf accumulation on your roof

Have your gutters cleaned at least once during the autumn season. Severely clogged gutters, drains or downspouts should be handled by a professional roofer. Performing maintenance on your roof, even something as simple as cleaning the gutters, can be very dangerous. One wrong move, while on your roof, could prove fatal.

If your roof is in need of maintenance in preparation for or during the autumn season, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Great Lakes Roofing at 800-871-5151. We have the training and safety equipment to get your job done safely and efficiently.

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Rubber (EPDM) roof with autumn leaf build up

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Roof clogged with leaf build up