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Leave The Blossoming To The Garden

Don’t let the remains of autumn turn into spring growth on your roof.

Spring is a season of rebirth; the weather turns favorable, grass becomes green again, and trees and flowers begin to bud and bloom. While this is a great thing in your yard, many times this same growth is also occurring on your roof.

In autumn, seeds from the trees can fall onto your roof and into the gutters. High winds tend to blow seeds from all types of plants and grass, which frequently come to rest on your roof. While much of this debris will get flushed away by your roof’s drainage system, many times there are seeds left behind that will bloom in the springtime.

Growth is very common in gutters or near plugged drains, where water and debris collect. When the seeds germinate and begin growing, their root systems can permeate a roofing system, creating gaps and new pathways for water. The more time plants are allowed to grow, the more they’ll plug up your roof’s drainage system.

Have Your Drainage System Professionally Cleaned Annually

Keeping your gutters and drains clear will help prevent ponding water and growing plant life. We recommend having your drainage system professionally cleaned out at least once a year. If your roof’s drainage system is slow or clogged, have it cleaned out by a Great Lakes Roofing repair technician. They’ll also be able to inspect your roof for cracks that hold dirt and water, which is another place where plants like to grow.

Keep Your Roof In Top Condition This Spring

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Heavy spring rain can result in new growth on your roof

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