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Great Lakes Roofing: Commercial Roofs


Owning a commercial facility can come with its fair share of headaches. Roofing should not be one of them. Great Lakes Roofing has over 30 years of experience of finding the right solution to all manner of roofing problems.

Great Lakes Roofing’s dedication to your facility doesn’t stop at the roof. Our problem solvers will work hard to ensure your building is keeping your business running as it should.

  • Treck Bicycles: Waterloo, Wisconsin
Great Lakes Roofing: Industrial Roofs


Time lost due to roofing leaks can translate directly into financial waste. Ease your concerns by investing in the right solution for your specific facility. Great Lakes Roofing can walk you through the process of selecting an effective and cost-worthy roof, and provide a satisfactory solution to last many years.

Great Lakes Roofing has helped restore efficiency and safety to thousands of industrial facilities.

  • Regal Ware: West Bend, Wisconsin
Great Lakes Roofing: Food & Beverage Roofs

Food & Beverage

Establishments that serve food and beverages have many additional requirements when it comes to roofing. Deterioration from grease, fire hazards, and code violations all require special consideration. Great Lakes Roofing’s experienced team is well versed in addressing the problems and concerns of restaurant owners.

Give your customers a clean and professional dining experience. Go with Great Lakes Roofing to do your restaurant roofing job.

  • Culvers: Edgerton, Wisconsin
Great Lakes Roofing: Healthcare Roofs


Healthcare facilities have zero-tolerance for roofing leakage, especially when a roofing issue has the potential to affect the well-being of their patients. A leaking roof in the wrong place could cause a patient to get an infection and even die.

Don’t put the lives of your patients in jeopardy. Great Lakes Roofing is dedicated to solving problems for their clients, especially when it’s an emergency.

Great Lakes Roofing: School & Government Roofs

School & Government

Having a reliable roofing system for school or government buildings is a must; a serious roofing problem can be a detriment to learning and development. Great Lakes Roofing cares about the health and education of your children, and takes great responsibility in preserving institutions of learning and law. Our drug-free crews will make sure any roofing work is done with a safe working environment.

Great Lakes Roofing is the trusted roofing contractor of many schools and government institutions.

Great Lakes Roofing: Spiritual Roofs


No spiritual facility should have to worry about constant costly maintenance or repairs. Great Lakes Roofing offers several different solutions for all budgets, and stands behind the craftsmanship of their work. Whether your project is big or small, we have a team to help you get exactly what you need to keep you covered.

Great Lakes Roofing has performed work on many nationally recognized places of worship.

  • St. Rita's Church: West Allis, Wisconsin
Great Lakes Roofing: Retail Roofs


In the competitive world of retail real estate, appearance can mean everything. A poorly installed or aging roofing system has the ability to wreak havoc on the interior and exterior of a building, making it look unappealing or even untenable.

The skilled teams at Great Lakes Roofing can transform your aging retail space into something customers will want to frequent.

  • Keller Real Estate: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Great Lakes Roofing: Steep Slope Roofs

Steep Slope

Steep slope roofing is defined by roofs that have a pitch greater than 14 degrees, and requires an experienced contractor to complete. Great Lakes Roofing’s teams are highly trained in the latest safety procedures, and have executed many steep slope roofing procedures without a single incident.

When it comes to dangerous working conditions, leave the work to the professionals. From extensive residential and shingle work to difficult commercial projects, Great Lakes Roofing’s proven track record with steep slope roofing speaks for itself.

  • St. Rita's Church: West Allis, Wisconsin