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Summer Sun Brings Leaking Roofs

You may welcome the summer sunshine, but your roof does not.

On a sunny summer day, your roof can reach temperatures up to 160 degrees, then as the sun sets drop nearly 100 degrees cooler. Constant, rapid, and drastic temperature change like this causes your roofing material to expand and contract, and you can see the detrimental effects below. When an aged roofing system pulls away from immobile roofing fixtures, it results in gaps that expose underlying material.

When water finds its way into these gaps, you will have a serious leak on your hands.

Intense Heat Solution

Expansion and contraction affects older roofs, but all dark-colored roofs, no matter how new they are, are also at risk because of their tendency to absorb and build up heat faster.

One solution to this problem is replacing your current roofing system with a more durable PermaSeal white membrane roofing system. This eliminates frequent costly repairs, and is resistant to the effects of temperature fluctuation.

Another option would be to repair the leak; luckily the effects of expansion and contraction are generally fixable, and—with the right repair materials—the aging process can be slowed.

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