Great Lakes Roofing Seasonal Tips

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Don’t let your roof bow out from snow this winter

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, but only if you’ve prepared your roof.

Winters in Wisconsin are not shy about piling on the white stuff, especially the further north you are. Heavy snows on the ground may offer fun sledding days and snowshoeing excursions, but a large pile of snow on your roof can cause some serious damage.

Clear your roof of excess snow as soon as heavy snow falls.

Snow covered commercial roof, in need of clearing

Built-up snow is heavy. Ask anyone who’s responsible for shoveling and they’ll confirm, snow has a lot of weight. This additional weight on your roof can cause stretch or tear the membrane, or worse yet, begin to buckle. If your building has a metal or sloped roof, accumulated snow and ice can slide off your roof and pose a safety hazard for people passing by.

Better yet, prepare for snow with a roof evaluation

Snow is easily cleared from a single ply white membrane roof
Snow is easily and quickly cleared from flat membrane roofing, but the Great Lakes Roofing team has experience with all types of roofing systems.

The roofing professionals at Great Lakes Roofing have been out to many facilities specifically to remove snow from large flat roofs. Take preventative measures to ensure your roof’s structure is strong and will not be damaged by excess weight. Have your roof inspected by one of Great Lakes Roofing’s seasoned professionals before the snow starts to fly!

If your roof is in need of maintenance in preparation for or during the winter season, call the professionals at Great Lakes Roofing Corporation. We have the training and safety equipment to get your job done safely and efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Great Lakes Roofing at 800-871-5151. We’ll get your roof taken care of before the harsh winter sets in.